When you hire someone to clean your space or facility, you are not just handing over the keys of your house/workplace, and you are putting your complete trust on the line so that your work gets done in such reliable way that your stuff won’t get in trouble.

So would you take a chance to hire someone not ultimately security checked or reliable? Of course NOT!

Once you allow a cleaning company into your premises, you’ve got to be very sure that they’re entirely trustworthy. You furthermore may want to possess total confidence that they’re going to do a superb job without any damages.


Our specialised cleaning services include cleaning that goes above and beyond your regular daily or weekly clean. We don’t just remove visible dirt; we also leave you with a way healthier environment to be in.

We can offer a free quote on any specialised cleaning needed, including those listed below. Please get in-tuned for a quote or to inquire about the other special requests you’ll have.

Some of our best cleaning services are listed below in Montreal, Laval, Longueil, Quebec and Lévis.


Clean carpets don’t just look better; they even have health benefits too! Dust mites are a standard allergen which will get into your carpet and, if not taken care of, can cause aggravating health problems.


Every once during a while, it’s an honest idea to try to an in-depth clean in areas which will not be attended in your regular clean – a closet or cupboard you’ve just emptied, an area you’re close to redecorate, etc. otherwise you may want us to spend some overtime on a specific area at certain times of the year.

Doing this type of “Spring cleaning” and thorough dusting can help rid your home or office of allergens which can be causing health issues, allergies, coughing, a rash, or asthma symptoms.

This service is out there to exist, our regular clients also as individuals curious about a one-off specialised clean.


If your company needs professional and sparkling window cleaning services, then look no further. We are for sure the right choice for you as we are fully insured and can do high reach window cleaning as well all depends upon the requirements


Does your conservatory need cleaning but you only can’t find the time to urge it done? Allow us to take that issue off your hands and for a reasonable price too! We’re professionals and fully insured people.

These are our some professional services but not limited to. So whenever you feel you need a sparkling cleaning service into your workspace or residence do give us a call and we will be providing you with a FREE quote in minutes

The Montreal Cleaners, Les Nettoyeurs de Montréal, Les Nettoyeurs de QuébecNettoyage de Tapis, Ménage Total et Femme ménage Montréal is a premier affordable residential and commercial cleaning services

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Walls and ceilings are mostly neglected during routine cleaning of the house because it is time-consuming and quite tricky to perform. If observed closely, ceilings have big patches of dust, and they remain greasy also which cause an unhealthy and polluted environment in the house. Spider webs also make its place in the higher corners of the walls and ceilings which should be removed as soon as possible. Montreal cleaning services offer you their convenient and reachable cleaning services, also available in Montreal, Laval and Longueil. We have expert cleaners who know their job well and are efficient also. Our cleaning services include cleaning and scrubbing the walls and ceilings before you paint them, this way the walls look properly cleaned, and the paint also stays for a longer period of time. Smut attached to the ceilings spread all over the house through fan, heat and air conditioning system. Montreal wall cleaning services have a wide range of services offered to our clients which makes us unique in this genre. We believe in giving quality cleaning services to our customers, and excellent reviews on our website are a proof of that. The Montreal Cleaners Household is all you have been looking for, for cleaning of your house walls and ceilings.

Saves Time

Doing all the cleaning part of your house by yourself takes a lot of your free time and mostly remains incomplete. Montreal spring cleaning service also facilitates its customers in Montreal, Laval, Longueil, Quebec and Lévis. We appoint expert cleaners for our clients to give our cleaning services. Our skilled crew takes complete responsibility for cleaning your house walls and ceilings and completes all the tasks within the given time. We, at The Montreal Cleaners Household, ensure our clients to sit back and relax while our cleaners make their house walls and ceilings perfectly tidy and dust free.

Equipment and Tools

Montreal cleaning services is always fully loaded with cleaning equipment and tools which are necessary for the cleaning of walls and ceilings. We operate our cleaning tasks with the help of advanced machinery and tools. Foldable attic stairs spray station and steam generators are some of the equipment that we use for our cleaning services. Cleaning for walls and ceilings require a lot of perfection, skills, and concentration in order to avoid any damage to the other house items and walls as well. This is why; only opt for Montreal Cleaning Services for safe and best cleansing of your house walls and ceilings.

Greasy and full of grime walls and ceilings are unhygienic for the in-house environment. It can cause frequent allergic reactions to the residents and looks super gross. Montreal Cleaning Services is now just a call away and easy accessibly. We are available on urgent basis also and leave our customers ecstatic and gratified. Available in Montreal, Laval, and Longueil, our cleaning services also include scrubbing and sponging of the walls which could be too tiring for you. Call now for a free estimate and more information.

The Montreal Cleaners is a premier affordable residential and commercial cleaning services

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Maid Professional Cleaning Services

Maid apartment cleaning services have turned into the most confided in the name. Our mystery: We’re safeguarded, offer a fulfillment ensure, and we’re adaptable—fusing the desires of our customers into our chance tried Maid Montreal cleaning administrations.

We work with you to make your unique cleaning design and tail it without fail. Before joining the Montreal Maid family, every housekeeper is prepared to end up noticeably a specialist in the definite, redid cleaning specialist administrations we give. Just enthusiastic, mindful individuals have the pleasure of wearing our broadly perceived uniform.

With Montreal Maid apartment cleaning services, you get ensured about and never need to stress over obligation, expenses or cancellations. A group of Maid representatives will dependably touch base at your loft or condominium when booked, with your cleaning design close by, to give you the leisure time you require and a home you can be pleased with.

Contract Montreal Maid for apartment cleaning services or townhouse cleaning each week, interchange week by week, once per month—pick what works best for you. Also, honestly, we’re accessible to tenants for the deep cleaning required toward the finish of your rent to recover your security store.

What is included in house cleaning?

Our Montreal Residential Cleaning Services are custom fitted to suit particular customers’ needs. Diverse housekeeping errands can be performed by your requirements. All full cleaning services Montreal assignments are attempted. Our method incorporates cleaning and finishing furniture, closets, and drawers, tidying all tops and surfaces, clean and tidy avoiding sheets and light switches. Cleaning and tidying picture edges, neat and tidy window ledges and edges, void and clean ashtrays and canisters, wipe the floor, vacuum rugs, and carpets, clean apparatuses, cupboards, tables, counters, seats, and worktops. Wipe microwave all around, clean hobs, clean entryways and handles and evacuating of fingerprints marks. For the washroom, we will clean and purify latrine situate all around, clean and wash the bath, sink all around, shower lodge, wash and clean the tiles. Perfect and clean the mirror, chrome, and glasses, clean the ledges, wipe the entryway, handle and light switches and so forth this can be found in our standard household cleaning assignment list which can be customized to suit customer needs.

What’s more, recollect you will get the same completely safeguarded local housekeeper to benefit your home inevitably, and if for any reason you’re not happy with any of the Montreal Residential cleaning work we have improved the situation you, we’ll happily return and re-clean any zones complimentary.

Our Cleaning Ladies can clean your home regularly or each other-day as frequently as you wish yet we require at least two hours every session.

The Montreal Cleaners is a premier affordable residential and commercial cleaning services

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Maids are a Montreal-Laval-Longueuil organization offering an extensive variety of cleaning administrations for your home and. Our expert cleaners can do everything! From the 15-minute active spot treatment of your home to the solid start to finish profound cleaning administrations for your office, we are the Montreal organization to call at this moment. You get the high incentive for your cash with our reasonable costs and extraordinary offers. Try not to dither in calling us today on 1844 294 2670.

Why Choose Maids housekeeping services?

When you search for a dependable house cleaning services organization in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil to deal with your home or business premises, The Maid Cleaning offers you the ideal harmony amongst cost and quality. You can make sure that our maids Montreal are affable, benevolent and persevering, never leaving a cleaning work for their following day.

We will probably set up a long haul association with our customers in light of shared trust, and our capacity to reliably give idealize comes about. Our specialties include:

  • 24-hour toll-free number
  • Reasonable rates
  • Flexibility in slots which means that you can call us at night time, daytime, weekdays or weekends. We are always available.
  • 100% guarantee of Customer satisfaction
  • Use of detergents that are eco-friendly

The Montreal Cleaners is a premier affordable residential and commercial cleaning services

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If we go to the tenancy agreement from the union council or private, it will have a clause for you at the end of the tenancy agreement; space shall be neat and clean. The basic idea is to prepare the area for the next tenants. The dirt and grime removal properly. If you have to be in Montreal and a tenant and facing a problem with the end of tenancy cleaning, it is to trust a professional cleaning company for tenancy cleaning better.

Below we present you with the places that require the most attention at the time of the end of tenancy cleaning services:

Bedroom/Living room and the Dining room

The floors and carpet in the bedroom, living room and the dining room need special attention during the cleaning process. Start it nu vacuum and steam the carpet and wash the floors. Moving on to the next stage and dust and wipe down the doors, shelves, window racks, etc. If you happen to live on a high floor, then think of the safety to clean from outside before you start a thorough cleaning. Washing down the curtains and the upholstered furniture is a good option and polishes the wooden furniture. Prepare and follow a checklist of the cleaning, and you will get the cleaning done in no time.


The kitchen is the most difficult to clean in the property, the kitchen needs disinfection and to wipe down all the surfaces, cupboards and drawers. The oven cleaning should be a top priority at the end of tenancy cleaning. It requires some extra attention. It has to be spotless as most people get penalised. It is a simple cause that most of the people in Montreal hire a professional cleaning company to perform the end of the tenancy cleaning project. The best way to keep an oven clean is regular cleaning of the stove. The cleaning company offer a free oven cleaning at the end of the tenancy contract.


The bathroom is used more frequently in the home and apartment. It needs proper disinfection, sanitation, and cleaning to keep the germs away. A cleaning solution is fundamental and helpful in all areas of the bathroom. The toilets need to be sanitised and disinfected in a professional way to sparkle and shine.

Deep Cleaning Tile Floor

Regular cleaning is essential and the best way to keep and maintain the shine of the floors. A deep cleaning tile floor is vital when it comes to cleaning the Floor. The Floor bears a lot of wear and tear from the regular foot traffic. A professional cleaning company can manage the floor cleaning in Montreal no matter what sort of Floor there is. 

Material of Cleaning

In brief, specific tile flooring is the most suspect of the damage from harmful chemical cleaners and synthetic materials. Moreover, it is better to avoid acidic solutions and use natural solutions like vinegar. 

Chemical Cleaner

When you think of cleaning the floors, there is a good chance of bleach and active chemical. Not to mention, the compound is excellent in disinfecting and cleaning the surface like tile floors.

By and Large, the chemical cleaners are dangerous and harmful to health. Common chemical cleaners like bleach and ammonia are therein any commercial floor cleaner.

Natural Floor Cleaning Solution

If you like to avoid harsh cleaning solution for cleaning. A natural solution like baking soda is there to mix with hydrogen peroxide. It is an excellent rival bleach solution when it comes to clean, shine and white weak tiles and grout. Vinegar is also great for disinfecting and sanitising the tiles. In the final analysis, these solutions work great and safe for health.

Dry Cleaning Solution

Equally important, the problem like the scuff and spills that have not strained. The dry cleaning process can make it simple to deep clean for and scuff without the use of a new cleaner.

Deep Cleaning Tile Floors

What kind of material you are working with you have to keep in mind. Furthermore, you can avoid risk by the risk of a chemical reaction.

Grout Cleaning

Usually, Grout clean is the same way the marble is, avoiding acidic cleaners that erode the grout. Uniquely and identically baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will do an excellent job of returning the grout to its original colour.

 If you like the kitchen, bathroom and other floors in the house, to be the best, it is crucial to deep clean the tile floor. Proper maintenance, sweeping and cleaning from the best cleaning company in Montreal can be a good start to remove the tough and stubborn stains on the tiles and grout and make the Floor in a neat and perfect condition.

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

As you can see, the checklist of end of tenancy cleaning is significant, and it is worth time-consuming. That is why it is much better to hire a professional cleaning service. It will save you time and cost and save you from the hassle of cleaning and return home, apartment in top condition to the real estate agency or the landlord.

Remember to do complete research before hiring a cleaning for an exceptional cleaning or a one-time cleaning and deep cleaning. Moreover, if you in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil you can hire us for the end of tenancy cleaning service. To book our affordable and effective cost pricing cleaning service call us on (514) 654 4988 for a free estimate and quote.

The Montreal Cleaners is the best and affordable end of tenancy cleaning services.

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Residential Cleaning Services

With lots of experience in the respective field, professional cleaners have the tools and information to make your residences shine like new. This includes dusting all interiors and exteriors, in addition to mopping, cleaning blinds, and even shampooing rugs and furniture or upholstery.
Assets protection is crucial for now, not for cleanliness only but also for health and fitness. There are commercial and home codes that need to be adhered to by the owner of the home. No more real is that this than with regards to deed confined communities. Whether for new or current groups or houses, cleanliness is subsequently to God. As a result, you must preserve your properties an excellent way to prevent dust, debris, and dirt from gaining a dominant foothold.
On the subject of cleansing offerings, there are numerous at your convenience. This consists of dusting, that’s an excellent manner to take away cobwebs, particles, and different hidden or seen debris from floors, tiling, carpets, and rugs. Neighbourhood specialists will also shampoo and vacuum rugs to restore herbal fibres and vibrancy across the property.
Mopping is another perfect manner to convey out the shine and appeal of your floors. No matter the tiles you have, vicinity professionals use liquids that aren’t abrasive and could effortlessly select up and dispose of particles. They’ll also clean all the rooms in your own home, along with crawlspaces, basements, garages, or even attics if preferred.
Power washing is likewise mandated with the aid of many residential cleaning services. That is wished on account that such a lot of driveways and walkways get grimy because of the weather factors. Power washing can without problems be secured by way of checking the local enterprise listings. In reality, local cleaners will also deal with all of your home windows as properly.
The best House cleaning service is just a phone call away. We are here to get your property ready for selling or only maintain it to increase its value. Now is the time to contact us and get the professional cleaning services and results you deserve.

The Montreal Cleaners is the best and affordable Condo & Apartment cleaning services.

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Residential Cleaning Services

There may be not anything like owning your own home or office. Maintenance and cleaning of the house are as essential as buying a private residence. Getting the suitable expert cleansing services for meeting your needs is something that everyone always desires. Tranquil surroundings right away attract interest and make you feel higher in any work scenario.

Most people think that residential cleaning services are in most cases, availed by wealthy people who have more needs. However, with the growing popularity and demands, such services can be availed by all people with nominal budgets. You may take so many plans that are suitable as per your price range and desires as well. This includes strength washing, at the side of internal cleaning, rubbish dumping, and more to make sure real vibrancy and shine.

Whether your condo needs deep cleaning or you are moving or simply looking for a regular condo cleaning services in Montreal, The Montreal Cleaners can help.

The Montreal Cleaners is the best and affordable Condo & Apartment cleaning services.

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All About Residential Cleaning Services

Hiring a cleaning lady, a house cleaner, housekeeper or maid isn’t just for the rich and famous. A cleaning service can give you the time and energy to spend with your family rather than cleaning your home.

There are dozenz of companies serving this Montreal. Their experience and quality varies from one company to another. Each cleaning company is trying to promote its services through correct and fair tools or by using rounded about ways of commercial campaigns. The demand in residential cleaning is significantly growing day after day. The need for clean environment, pure air and healthy like apartments, condos or in a nutshell homes is a real need for the Montrealers. Cleaning your home yourself is becoming a hard task due to the hectic life one is leading in a big city like Montreal.
The needs in residential cleaning is in constant growth. However, the world community environmental issues concerns is puting more pressure on companies offering cleaning services to modify their old ways of providing cleaning solutions.

There are a few things you should know when searching for the best house cleaning service :

  • Natural cleaning products
  • Accident management and safety procedures. Be bonded and fully insured
  • Handling use of chemicals and disposal
  • Qualified and trustworthy staff
  • Guaranteed results
  • Fair rates
  • Find a referral
  • Prices vary a great deal by region, but depending on your needs and time constraints.

Whether your condo needs deep cleaning or you are moving or simply looking for a regular condo cleaning services in Montreal, Plateau Mont-Royal, Mont-Royal, Vieux-Montréal, Terrebonne, Saint-Eustache, Boisbriand, LavalLongueuilBlainville, Vancouver, Boucherville, Île-des-Sœurs, Repentigny, Rivière des Prairies and Pointe-aux-Trembles, Gatineau, Ottawa, Outaouai, Westmount, Brossard, Saint Sauveur, Sainte-Thérèse, candiac, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Hampstead, Verdun, Outremont, Plateau-Mont-royal and Granby. The Montreal Cleaners can help.

The Montreal Cleaners is the best and affordable Condo & Apartment cleaning services.

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Cleaning your home is such an urgent task to do. That’s why it needs some well experienced and professional hands to hire.

 It is a kind of hard work if you are searching for the best cleaning company to do the work fitly. After checking this article, you will come to know that which company we should to hire or best one or which is not. 

But if you are running an office it would be very awkward to work in a dirty place; thus the cleaning companies will make your office clean and will surely make it able to work in, and it will also chin your employees up and muster up them. While looking for a commercial cleaning company in Montreal you should know about its parts and parcels you have read in this content.

How you know the company is certified or not

There are many cleaning companies Montreal marking themselves as certified companies but don’t get fooled by those. It will not give you the task as you want them to do or will waste your precious time and waste your money as well. Many times you might have visited hotels we love their environment and cleanness level because the professional cleaners were giving their 100% services there that after seeing this you will come to know what the importance of professional cleaners is and why this is necessary to hire them.

Something else that is critical in working with an organisation is if they wear an organisation’s uniform and utilise organisation vehicles? It is essential to work with a company who force their employees to put a specific dress. That implies they think about what they look like to you and will no doubt be somebody who thinks about your home or business. Search for an organisation who believes about their picture in a way that considers how they feel about the image your home or business will have once they are finished cleaning it.

The Montreal Cleaners is a premier affordable residential and commercial cleaning services

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Condo & Apartment Cleaning Services

Whether your condo needs deep cleaning or you are moving or simply looking for a regular condo cleaning services in Montreal, Plateau Mont-Royal, Mont-Royal, Vieux-Montréal, Terrebonne, Saint-Eustache, Boisbriand, LavalLongueuilBlainville, Vancouver, Boucherville, Île-des-Sœurs, Repentigny, Rivière des Prairies and Pointe-aux-Trembles, Gatineau, Ottawa, Outaouai, Westmount, Brossard, Saint Sauveur, Sainte-Thérèse, candiac, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Hampstead, Verdun, Outremont, Plateau-Mont-royal and Granby. The Montreal Cleaners can help.
Condo cleaning services that The Montreal Cleaners offers include :

  • One time cleaning
  • Regular cleaning (weekly, biweekly or monthly)

We recognize that you are looking for a cleaning company you can rely on, the one that uses eco-friendly and organic cleaning products for your wellbeing and the company with prooved experience in condo cleaning in Montreal.
You are at the right place.Whatever big or spacious your apartment is (1 1/2, 2 1/2, 3 1/2 …6 1/2), our cleaners are professional, punctual and respectful. We use non-toxic eco-friendly special apartment cleaning products for the wellfare of your family.

The Montreal Cleaners is the best and affordable Condo & Apartment cleaning services.

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