How to find a good end of tenancy cleaning company?

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If we go to the tenancy agreement from the union council or private, it will have a clause for you at the end of the tenancy agreement; space shall be neat and clean. The basic idea is to prepare the area for the next tenants. The dirt and grime removal properly. If you have to be in Montreal and a tenant and facing a problem with the end of tenancy cleaning, it is to trust a professional cleaning company for tenancy cleaning better.

Below we present you with the places that require the most attention at the time of the end of tenancy cleaning services:

Bedroom/Living room and the Dining room

The floors and carpet in the bedroom, living room and the dining room need special attention during the cleaning process. Start it nu vacuum and steam the carpet and wash the floors. Moving on to the next stage and dust and wipe down the doors, shelves, window racks, etc. If you happen to live on a high floor, then think of the safety to clean from outside before you start a thorough cleaning. Washing down the curtains and the upholstered furniture is a good option and polishes the wooden furniture. Prepare and follow a checklist of the cleaning, and you will get the cleaning done in no time.


The kitchen is the most difficult to clean in the property, the kitchen needs disinfection and to wipe down all the surfaces, cupboards and drawers. The oven cleaning should be a top priority at the end of tenancy cleaning. It requires some extra attention. It has to be spotless as most people get penalised. It is a simple cause that most of the people in Montreal hire a professional cleaning company to perform the end of the tenancy cleaning project. The best way to keep an oven clean is regular cleaning of the stove. The cleaning company offer a free oven cleaning at the end of the tenancy contract.


The bathroom is used more frequently in the home and apartment. It needs proper disinfection, sanitation, and cleaning to keep the germs away. A cleaning solution is fundamental and helpful in all areas of the bathroom. The toilets need to be sanitised and disinfected in a professional way to sparkle and shine.

Deep Cleaning Tile Floor

Regular cleaning is essential and the best way to keep and maintain the shine of the floors. A deep cleaning tile floor is vital when it comes to cleaning the Floor. The Floor bears a lot of wear and tear from the regular foot traffic. A professional cleaning company can manage the floor cleaning in Montreal no matter what sort of Floor there is. 

Material of Cleaning

In brief, specific tile flooring is the most suspect of the damage from harmful chemical cleaners and synthetic materials. Moreover, it is better to avoid acidic solutions and use natural solutions like vinegar. 

Chemical Cleaner

When you think of cleaning the floors, there is a good chance of bleach and active chemical. Not to mention, the compound is excellent in disinfecting and cleaning the surface like tile floors.

By and Large, the chemical cleaners are dangerous and harmful to health. Common chemical cleaners like bleach and ammonia are therein any commercial floor cleaner.

Natural Floor Cleaning Solution

If you like to avoid harsh cleaning solution for cleaning. A natural solution like baking soda is there to mix with hydrogen peroxide. It is an excellent rival bleach solution when it comes to clean, shine and white weak tiles and grout. Vinegar is also great for disinfecting and sanitising the tiles. In the final analysis, these solutions work great and safe for health.

Dry Cleaning Solution

Equally important, the problem like the scuff and spills that have not strained. The dry cleaning process can make it simple to deep clean for and scuff without the use of a new cleaner.

Deep Cleaning Tile Floors

What kind of material you are working with you have to keep in mind. Furthermore, you can avoid risk by the risk of a chemical reaction.

Grout Cleaning

Usually, Grout clean is the same way the marble is, avoiding acidic cleaners that erode the grout. Uniquely and identically baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will do an excellent job of returning the grout to its original colour.

 If you like the kitchen, bathroom and other floors in the house, to be the best, it is crucial to deep clean the tile floor. Proper maintenance, sweeping and cleaning from the best cleaning company in Montreal can be a good start to remove the tough and stubborn stains on the tiles and grout and make the Floor in a neat and perfect condition.

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

As you can see, the checklist of end of tenancy cleaning is significant, and it is worth time-consuming. That is why it is much better to hire a professional cleaning service. It will save you time and cost and save you from the hassle of cleaning and return home, apartment in top condition to the real estate agency or the landlord.

Remember to do complete research before hiring a cleaning for an exceptional cleaning or a one-time cleaning and deep cleaning. Moreover, if you in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil you can hire us for the end of tenancy cleaning service. To book our affordable and effective cost pricing cleaning service call us on (514) 654 4988 for a free estimate and quote.

The Montreal Cleaners is the best and affordable end of tenancy cleaning services.

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How to find a good tenancy cleaning company?
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How to find a good tenancy cleaning company?
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