Coronavirus (COVID-19): Decontamination & disinfection

Tips to properly clean and disinfect public places against coronavirus

If you are surfing on the web so, one thing which you all are noticing is the viral disease which is known as by the name of Corona. Coronavirus or COVID-19 is the viral infectious disease which is targeting countries on a daily basis. The entire social media is full of tons of news about the corona. Infect the heaps and dozens of news are heralding on daily basis regarding Corona.

People are fearing, confused, and even disturbed they actually don’t know how and when this disease will blow off and relieve them. To consider this I have spent hours on the web and read a lot about this disease so today in this article, I try my level best to highlight those majors which I read and feel is important to share through my writing to you all. As this is the war of humanity to the disease which is undoubtedly targeting humans on a daily basis.

By following my jot down tips will surely help you out to properly clean out your surroundings and area. So without wasting any single moment, let’s get the ball roll and unveil the steps or tricks through which we can save our lives and eliminate this disease mannerly.


  • Avoid socializing:

One of the first and essential steps which you guys must consider and take is to avoid socializing. As you guys know or if not so according to the news and doctors it has been heralded that due to the cough, sneeze, flu, and minor fever this disease expands its ways. Expand in a sense like if someone in front or beside you is coughing so there are 50 percent chances that he or she has some corona germs which can be easily transferred towards you and then the chain starts. We as a human being taking cough, flu, and fever very lightly but after a big live loss in China and Italy, according to the experts reports it has been officially declared that this disease is spreading in these ways so to consider this aspect I highly request and advise you all lease stay at home. Avoid socializing, hangouts, meet-up, parties, and casual gatherings for at least 15 days or as per your government consideration.

Going out means you are actually risking your life as well as targeting other lives too. So instead of outing yours and your dear ones live in danger it is better to stay at home and avoid wandering.

  • Cooperate with your Government:

The second thing is please cooperate with your country's government. It doesn’t matter from which country you belong as a national and patriotic citizen it is your duty to must obey your government’s decision. if your government call for a curfew and lockdown then please cooperate with them. Believe me, the government cannot be able to do anything without your support. So please support your government decisions and self isolate your-self for the temporary time period.

As this is the tech gadget world, and we all have a tech way to stay in touch with others. If you are extrovert and feeling a big deal to stay at home so instead of going out or having a bad vibe stay in touch with your dear ones by using the tech way, You can call them, chat with them and share your daily routine and activities. You can also utilize your time by learning something new and productive... else you can take enough sleep according to the doctors, taking enough sleep helps to strengthen your immune system which is a first big no sign to get the effect to corona from your bodies side.

Despite this, please spread the awareness. See none of us is a jack of all traders we all always learn something new from others and this is the law of life. so if you think or feel that someone is not that much aware about the corona and taking this infection lightly due to its lack of knowledge then share your awareness and guide them about this viral disease as it is also a sign of humanity to stand with others and to help others.

  • Wash and clean yourself properly:

See under the wind of this infection. All you need to do is clean yourself properly. Cleaning in a sense of washing your hands mannerly, sanitize your hands if you touch anything unnecessary or the time when you go out so before entering your home make sure you have sanitized your hands, plus, avoid to touch public places things like an elevator, poles, side standing pillars, and etc.

Believe me, this is the ideal way through which you can easily disinfect public places.

If you are a worker or need to go out on a daily basis then please maintain the distance of at least 5 to 6 feet. Avoid handshaking, hugging, touching, and closeness. Make sure the place where you are working or sitting is eco-friendly and clean.

Avoid visiting malls and other public spots like marts and all unnecessary where you can see a public crowd. Try to avoid public sitting areas, avoid traveling on public transports and other standing places.

  • Consult your nearby doctor, physician:

In spite of this, last but not the least, if you feel any cough, breathing issue, sneezing, and high fever symptoms in your body then you must visit your nearby doctor or go to the laboratory for your blood test. As this is the last thing which you can do not for your save side but also for the people who are living in your surroundings.

Nothing is impossible in this world as the word impossible itself indicates the thing that I am possible. So if you guys stand and united not for the sake of your nation but for the sake of humanity so believe me this Corona is nothing for all of you. As the Corona itself has an ego “it will not affect you or enter your home until you allow it or welcome”

I hope this little piece of article will play enough role to aware you of all. I wish you all to have a blessed, healthy, and safe life ahead.

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